Language trip to beautiful Malta (5AHMBT, 5AHWII, 4AHWII)

We, the students of the 4AHWII, 5AHWII and 5AHMBT, were all really looking forward to the trip to Malta. On Monday, 30 September 2019, our trip started. All three classes and our teachers met early in the morning and we went to Munich Airport by bus from where we took our flight to Malta International Airport. When we landed, the local temperature was 28°C, which was really nice in comparison to 6°C at home. We went to our hotel in San Ġiljan and checked in the hotel. The rest of the day we were allowed to explore the town by ourselves and we discovered that the “party district” Paceville was right next to our hotel. There were lots of bars, nightclubs and there were also restaurants, which of course were the only places we visited.

On the following days we attended the “ESE (European School of English)” for two lessons in the morning and then made several trips around the island. We saw the beautiful town of Rabat and its catacombs and the former capital of Malta, Mdina. We also visited the amazing “Dingli Cliffs” and the “Blue Grotto”, which was a beautiful place with very blue water. One day was a more cultural one, as we took a look at the ancient temple “Haġar Qim” in the south of the island. After that a few of us went to a very nice rocky beach called “St. Peter’s Pool“. Of course, we also visited Valletta, the capital of Malta.

In the evenings we had dinner in nice restaurants and discovered the Maltese nightlife. Ok, maybe we visited a bar or a nightclub, perhaps even one or two. All in all, we can say that the trip to Malta was just amazing.

Paul Sturm, 4AHWII


09.11.2019 | Autor: SACU